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BFR Heritage
Breakfast Keynote speaker

Iris Roley

As a founding leader of the Cincinnati Black United Front, Roley has been part of the Collaborative Agreement since the beginning. In the wake of protests surrounding the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many others in 2020, she encouraged a new generation of community leaders to build on the foundation that she and others created for them.

BFR gospel Concert series

The Clark Sisters

Born and raised in Detroit, MI the Clark Sisters have been active in the gospel music industry since 1966 and are still active today!  As a group they have produced 20 albums and another is in the works as we speak!  In addition to that they have all produced individual albums and as a group they have been featured on an uncountable number of others.

More importantly, the Clark Sisters have made it their lifestyle to represent the living God in everything that they do. They live to be loving and kind to any and everyone they come in contact with and their reputation speaks for itself.

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