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Our Sponsors 

Be a change-maker in the community

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are the foundation of BFR. Your support allows us to continue supporting and uplifting our communities each and every year. Thank you for your continued support.

Submit your Sponsorship Booklet AD BY Thursday 8/11/22

$10,000.00 and up  | Sponsor Donations receive a Full Page Ad in the BFR Heritage Breakfast Souvenir Booklet 

$1,000-$9,999.00 | Sponsor Donations receive a Half Page Ad in the BFR Heritage Breakfast Souvenir Booklet  

If you are interested in having an ad placed in the program booklet for the Heritage Breakfast, please send us the completed graphic of what you would like printed (e.g. verbiage, website/social media handles,logo etc.)  in jpeg. png. format by Thursday 8/11/22.  

For questions about the ad/specs contact: Equasta White:

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